Here at Allianz Technology, we’ve decided to give you the key to this special place because we think it’s precious. Just like a normal advent calendar, you can only open each door on the corresponding day, but you can go back and look at what’s inside whenever you like.

tree1 1
tree2 2
tree3 3
tree4 4
tree5 5
farmer 6
cow 7
tree1 8
tree2 9
tree3 10
tree4 11
tree5 12
farmer 13
cow 14
tree1 15
tree2 16
tree3 17
tree4 18
tree5 19
farmer 20
cow 21
tree1 22
tree2 23
tree3 24
visit Allianz Technology forest

Merry Christmas

It’s time to plant your tree in Allianz Technology Forest. You can give it a name, receive a photo of it and start following the story of the project it's part of.

Visit the Forest

or go at and insert the treecode EX4MPL3C0D3

Rotate your device!